Weekend Update

January 8, 2014
Happy hump day. I am yet again writing my weekend recap on a wednesday, my apologies. I guess the days just escape me sometimes. You could sum up my weekend in one small word: family. I think friday through sunday was filled with all those I love so much and I could not have been happier.

On friday night my sister, ryan and I headed out to ace eat serve to enjoy some asian inspired dishes and a few cocktails. Side note, the braised short rib bao bun was out of this world and the mongolian beef was chalked full of ginger and tons of crunchy veggies... delish. After dinner we had a cocktail at the central and then braved the cold weather home for a good night's sleep.

We woke up on saturday to a blanket of snow covering everything and freezing cold temperatures. Ryan made me nespresso in bed and we lounged around for most of the morning. In the afternoon we drove over to my in-laws for a delicious german dinner made by krista, jello jigglers, card games and tons of fun with my nieces. 

Sunday we got up and headed over to our friend phil's new house to watch some football. We had a great time but had to leave after the game so ryan could get some work done. I made good use of my time and stopped into whole foods to pick up all the ingredients for our cleanse and then went home to have a night in with ryan and rocco. 

It was freezing all weekend but I hardly noticed with all the love, fun and family around me. Hope you had a good one too. Just think... only 2 days until this coming weekend. 


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