Let's Get In Season

October 3, 2012
Have I mentioned yet that Fall is my favorite time of the year... yeah maybe only once or twice (or a dozen) times now.  I have put up all of my Halloween decorations and am feeling pretty festive now with pumpkins of all shapes and sizes, spooky signs, cinnamon scented candles and fall leaves tucked everywhere I could find.  

(Clockwise from top left:  crow in the bar  /  orange accents in the kitchen  /  spooky shelves  /  diy lanterns  /  coffee table in webs  /  dining room covered in pumpkins  /  cake stand with pumpkins  /  diy candle with leaves and pine cones)

However, I feel like my porch is in need of some serious holiday help!  I am thinking some tall corn stalks for height, a couple pumpkins on my stairs and a small hay bail as well.  Nothing crazy even though some of the ideas I found on Pinterest are beyond adorable and so inviting too.  If funds were aplenty, I would love to incorporate some of these ideas...

(all images via)

I am planning on getting my porch put together this weekend so I will take some pictures and get them posted here next week with a before and after too.  

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