Weekend Update // And Some News...

August 18, 2014
This weekend was a doozie... a busy, eventful and tiresome few days that I have yet to recover from. From late night floor cleaning with my sis-in-law, to packing up every item I own, to moving our house into storage, our weekend was non-stop from friday to sunday. 

If you just re-read the last sentence, let me add a quick note for clarification... ryan and I sold our house! While I am super excited about this major life-change that we have been working on for the past few weeks, it also bring closure to a giant chapter of our lives. Ryan and I bought our house almost 5 years ago to-date; we took our 1922 brick bungalow and brought new life to it by not only giving it some major improvements (check out the details here and here, here, here, here and here), but by also filling it with endless memories as a couple and with our family + friends. 

As we packed up endless boxes and made countless trips to fill up the moving truck, I got teary-eyed thinking in just a few short days, will be walking away from our first home forever. Luckily, one of my best friends was also hosting a kick-ass summer bbq on saturday night which was the perfect distraction from the stress, sadness, eagerness and endless-packing.

As I am finishing typing all of this, I am realizing this probably should have been a more eventful post and not just a typical 'weekend update' but I am too far in to stop now. I am sure I will be sharing a lot more as we hunt for our next home and some final thoughts on this whole process but for now, I am signing off. 

Oh, and for anyone who dropped by this weekend looking for my burger battle recap (like I hinted at on friday)... don't worry, it's coming. Life, it always gets in the way! 


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